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“I have a helpful, and comfortable, program of stretching and strengthening exercises that Courtney set up for me, and I’m doing them regularly.  They help a great deal. Between Courtney’s excellent suggestions, the home exercises, and Ellen’s weekly balance class, I’m continuing to progress and recover from my hip, knee, and balance issues.  Thanks to everyone there at OPTM”

Charlene, Post hip fracture & Balance class



Optimum Performance Through Movement (OPTM) Sports and Physical Therapy


Helping you regain your ability to live your life to the fullest with less pain and improved ability to move is the only goal at OPTM.  To accomplish this, we never cease to seek the most effective methods to improve your health. OPTM takes pride in responding to your concerns. If you choose us as your provider, we will make every effort to ensure that you are cared for both emotionally and physically during your recovery process.


Our goals are to meet your goals!


  1. To enhance your well-being, recovery and autonomy in your therapy decisions.

  2. To provide the highest level of physical therapy service, while providing a safe and comforting environment.

  3. To continue to evolve in our profession and in our ability to provide customer service.

  4. To respect, enjoy and nurture our collegial relationships.

OPTM strives for your complete satisfaction with the care you receive. If you have concerns, please contact us immediately for assistance.


Yours in health and well-being,


Paul Christensen


In 1979, sports therapy was in its infancy. Paul Christensen was one of the first five sports therapists practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area who were credentialed as both an athletic trainer and physical therapist. After a 1 year as an athletic trainer at SJSU, he worked for 3 years as the Director of Rehabilitation at the S.M.A.R.T. Clinic, which was one of the first sports medicine clinics in the USA. At SMART, a vision of how active people could be return to an active life most efficiently was developed. The vision included biomechanically based rehabilitation therapeutic programs based on the most current knowledge of exercise physiology and the importance of the proper environment to emotionally support and encourage injured people to return to a full and active life.


In 1983, he co-founded Athletic Rehabilitation and PT Associates, which provided therapy services for Good Samaritan Hospital. ARPTA quickly grew to be one of the largest providers of orthopedic and sports therapy in Santa Clara County.


Optimum Performance through Movement Sports and Physical Therapy opened in 1990. By 2007, it was one of the largest providers of services in The Valley with 3 locations and over 400 physicians referring to our services. Today, we have 2 facilities with one in Los Gatos and Willow Glen, and over 500 different physicians refer to us annually. We have greatly expanded our services to include therapy for total joint replacements, spine care and a Women’s center that provides care for conditions which are common throughout the life span. (The Saratoga OPTM is under separate ownership.)


Continual pursuit of additional education is paramount for professional excellence. In 1993, Paul completed a 3 year orthopedic manual therapy program in Oslo, Norway under the mentorship of Olaf Evjenth and Hans Gunnari. In 1995, he became one of the first 10 Fellows of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, and an Orthopedic Certified Specialist. In 2000, he completed a 2 year post-professional doctorate program at the University of Southern California.


OPTM has monthly classes in which all therapists participate in continuing professional educational programs and many have also become certified as specialist in various therapeutic interventions.


Additionally, we continue to be active in our community. We have covered local high school sporting events since 1980 and Paul is a past president of the extraordinarily philanthropic Los Gatos Rotary Club.