OPTM Therapy | Female Adolescent Shoulder Injuries
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Female Adolescent Sports Injuries: Shoulder injuries from throwing, volleyball, swimming and racquet ball sports

     Women typically have not developed the upper body strength to provide athletic control of the shoulders. When a sport is superimposed upon insufficient coordination and strength, injuries will occur. We are not coaches, but we are movement specialist. As such we will guide your daughter through a movement program which will improve her ability to participate in her sport. We will work closely with any coach to help educate and guide a complete recovery which often includes modification to the sport technique or increasing the recovery time from training.


      We will perform a thorough analysis of your condition to determine the contributing factors. This will include your range of motion, strength, dynamic control of your scapula and trunk, stability testing of your shoulder joints and your ability to perform activities of daily or recreational life. Education about the condition and how one can continue to care for themselves with independent activities is the most important aspect of our therapy. You must know how to care for yourself!


      We will design a specific program which will reduce your pain and improve your ability to live a full life. If you are not progressing as expected, we will instruct you in the next steps necessary for your recovery.


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