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Lower Extremity Issues

Lower extremity injuries from running, soccer, basketball, volleyball


      The Center for Disease Control has called adolescent female anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries an epidemic. They are 3-8 times more likely than boys to injure their ACL. As many as 70% are not involved with contact. Very often there is a retear of the reconstructed ligament or a similar injury to the other knee. The good news is that there are modifiable factors which contribute to this problem.




     Specific programs designed to improve trunk, hip and lower extremity strength and coordination and improve the form used with landing, cutting and jumping have been found to be very successful in the reduction of these injuries. These are known as lower extremity alignment control programs. There are variations on the theme, but they all consistently focus on these variables.



     OPTM therapists are specialist in these types of injuries. We will perform a thorough analysis of strength, coordination, landing and cutting mechanics, training techniques and balance to design a specific program for your daughter. Education about the condition and how one can continue to care for themselves with independent activities is the most important aspect of our therapy. You must know how to care for yourself!



     We will work closely with any coach to help educate and guide a complete recovery which often includes modification to the sport technique or increasing the recovery time from training




Lower Extremity Alignment Control Program for Ankle, Knee, Hip and Trunk Injuries


     OPTM will also perform assessments of your daughter’s control to design a program which will improve her ability to support and control her body during activities which involve running, jumping, landing and cutting and balance.



     If you observe that your daughter runs with poor form, has poor balance, cannot balance or hop on one foot and is generally weak, we can help! This program would be very good for her.


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