OPTM Therapy | Post-Cancer and Lymphedema Management
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Post-Cancer and Lymphedema Management

We will work closely with your medical team to ensure that you receive your unique program.


     OPTM recognize the special needs following cancer treatment. We have developed a specialized program to help address your varied and unique physical challenges. Our focus is on helping you to restore your prior level of function and help you to regain pain-free independence as soon as possible.


     Our therapists are specially trained to restore scar tissue mobility, range of motion, flexibility, strength, and muscular and cardiovascular endurance and have a thorough understanding of the side effects of cancer treatment and specific precautions. They also specialize in the management of lymphedema.  Research has shown that physical therapy during and after cancer treatment can help speed functional recovery, improve quality of life, reduce fatigue and reduce risk of complications in people of any age.



 Your treatment results will include:

  • Improving shoulder range of motion prior to surgery or radiation

  • Reducing post-breast surgery side effects including:

    • Scar tissue/soft tissue mobility for pectoral muscles and fat grafting sites.

    • Axillary Web Syndrome (Cording)

    • Flexibility

    • Improve range of motion

    • Improve strength

  • Managing the side effects of chemotherapy:

    • Decreased cardiovascular endurance

    • Postural restoration

  • Maintaining tissue elasticity and shoulder flexibility during radiation:

    • Education for maintaining lymphatic flow

    • Pectoral muscle stretching

    • Soft tissue mobilization to decrease pain

  • Lymphedema:

    • Education of the precautions and the signs and symptoms of the condition.

    • Manual lymph drainage (MLD)

    • Instruction in Self-MLD

    • Measuring and fitting for compression garments

    • Bandaging with instruction for self-care as appropriate.

  • Education about your condition and how to continue to care for yourself with independent activities is the most important aspect of our therapy. You must know how to care for yourself!



 A few testimonials


  • “Thank you so much for helping me get back to my former self! You not only helped me physically get my body working again but mentally as well, with your kind support and encouragement of my progress. You helped me work hard and heal.”  Susan N.

  • “I no longer have pain when I wear a bra.  My underarm was killing me and is no longer sensitive! Thank you!” Ann C.

  • “My chest felt like it was tightened by two vice grips.  The stretching and massage has helped me to feel normal again. I can now sleep through the night.” Eileen L.

  • “My left arm was so swollen I couldn’t wear long sleeves. I am able to manage my lymphedema by myself now and my swelling is under control with the use of my sleeve and massage.” Diane M.

  • “After my reconstruction surgery, every time I lifted something my breasts would tighten up.  Since I’ve been coming to PT, they feel more natural again.” Karen B.

  • Both physically and mentally, PT helped me through the year following my diagnosis and was instrumental in getting me back to my life.” Cynthia G.

  • “I wish that the patients I’ve met in my support group would realize that pain does not have to be a ‘normal’ part of the recovery process.” Patricia F.


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