OPTM Therapy | Pre & Post-Partum Issues
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Pre and Post-Partum Issues



    The female therapists at OPTM specialize in managing common complaints of pregnancy. Back pain during pregnancy is one of the most common discomforts for women. As a baby grows during pregnancy, the weight of the uterus puts a significant strain on the low back and affects the balance of a woman’s body and may cause discomfort.


    A woman becomes more prone to injury in mid-pregnancy because hormonal changes cause muscles and connective tissue to relax and stretch. The center of gravity also changes and the abdominal muscles, which usually support the lumbar spine, are maximally stretched. Postural changes usually follow and often women begin to lean backwards in the later months of pregnancy, making their back muscles work harder.


    OPTM specializes in specific therapeutic interventions, including teaching you how to manage your issues and safe exercise guidelines to help manage pain during pregnancy and help you regain your full function following pregnancy.  We will provide specific therapy for:


  1. Pelvic floor training

    1. Incontinence issues

  2. Trunk and hip / lower extremity strengthening

  3. Posture and body mechanics

  4. Low back, sacro-iliac, hip and sciatica pain

  5. Neck and upper back pain

  6. Diastasis Recti: The separation of the rectus abdominal muscle.


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