OPTM Therapy | Prepare For Summer Fun
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Prepare For Summer Fun


Summer is here and with it brings an increase of recreational and house-hold activities. Is your body ready for action af-ter a winter of rest? In the past, have you had aches and pains in your feet, knees or hips? If so, perhaps the new activities will recreate these symp-toms. What can you do for yourself to avoid these unnecessary pains?
OPTM would like to help you proactively care for your health. We spe-cialize in biomechanical examinations with instruc-tions for proper training techniques. Let’s look at some common maladies.
Deficiencies of muscular length and strength in the feet, legs, thighs and hips can predispose you to a variety of pains, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles bursitis or tendonitis, tearing ligaments in your knee, pain around your kneecap, trochanteric bursitis and hip impingement.
Pain in the lower extremities often results from poor muscular con-trol or over-stress from physical activity. Correct-ing the dynamic control of your legs and feet will nor-malize the stress distribu-
tion to the joints, helping to decrease demands on susceptible tissues. Rest from activity is also helpful to allow injured tissues to heal.
Poor judgment re-garding the choice of activ-ity and intensity is the cause of overuse injuries. Intensity refers to the re-sistance, the distance, the speed, the range of motion, the frequency, the dura-tion, the number of sets and repetitions and the type of terrain used for an activity. Choosing activities and an appropriate starting level based on comfort is difficult, as the first day of exercise often feels good, only to leave you very sore for the next week and injured after a month of performing your exercises. This happens because the intensity exceeded the tis-sue stress tolerance.
Proper train-ing programs to correct the poor motor control, perhaps in conjunction with orthot-ics or braces, are essential to the prevention and care of these problems. Medications, injections and operations involve little effort on your part, but your effort is necessary to develop the essential control of your joints when you move.


Only your effort will create fitness.
The intensity of your program should in-crease by 5-10% per week. Increase only one of the intensity parameters at one time. If walking or running is your chosen ac-tivity, avoid hills until you have exercised for 6-8 weeks. Going uphill will stress your calves, Achil-les tendons and feet. Go-ing down will stress your shins, kneecaps and lower back. Decrease the time or distance while running the hills to avoid exceed-ing your tissue stress lim-it. Or, if you play sports that demand lateral movement, which stress your hips and knees, perform shock absorbing exercises to develop control of your legs in the preseason and continue the exercises throughout your season as part of your warm-up.
Physical activity is essential for health. Eve-ryone can be active. Your effort will pay huge health dividends. Do good things for yourself everyday. Eat right, sleep 8 hours each night, think positive thoughts and stay active. With your effort and help from OPTM, you can have a better life.