OPTM Therapy | Shoulder Pain Programs.
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Shoulder Pain Programs

“This was my second time around visiting OPTM. So I consider myself a “valued patient”. Each time I have been treated by highly skilled staff. I can honestly say that I have a great deal of appreciation for all the staff and their continued support through my injury. Torey was exceptional in his treatment. He is very knowledgeable in his treatment of my shoulder. “He knows his stuff”.  He went above and beyond my treatment. He even took time to follow up since I have been home. Your support staff have also been good in showing me exercises that I can do at home. All of them get an A+ from me. If I ever have an injury again, and I hope that do not, I will return to OPTM and your wonderful staff.”      D.Cortes, Rotator Cuff Repair



We work closely with your medical team to develop your unique care program.


Non-surgical and pre-surgical therapy


Many shoulder problems result from causes which do not require surgery. These may include overuse, poor scapular control, also known as scapular dyskinesis, a strain of your rotator cuff (RC) muscles, a ligament sprain which is a subluxation or dislocation or acromio-clavicular separation, or referral from your neck.


A common cause of shoulder pain is the condition known as impingement. This refers to the pinching of tissue in your shoulder when you perform certain movements. This may involve your RC, bursa or your ability to control your scapula. OPTM therapists specialize in the restoration of your ability to live life on your own terms, which mean fully recovering from painful conditions. We will perform a thorough analysis of your condition to determine the contributing factors. This will include your range of motion, strength, dynamic control of your scapula and trunk, stability testing of your shoulder joints and your ability to perform activities of daily or recreational life.


We will design a specific program which will reduce your pain and improve your ability to live a full life. Education about your shoulder and how to continue to care for yourself with independent activities is the most important aspect of our therapy. You must know how to care for yourself!


If you are not progressing as expected, we will instruct you in the next steps necessary for your recovery.


Post-surgical Rehabilitation


We will be in contact with your surgeon to learn about your unique condition in order to create your program. Not all surgeries, although the name may be similar, are the same. Depending upon your unique condition, your surgeon will inform us of program modifications necessary to ensure your best recovery.


OPTM therapist are specialized in the rehabilitation of a variety of surgeries including:


  1. Rotator Cuff repairs (RCR)

  2. Biceps Tenodesis

  3. Sub-acromial Decompression

  4. Stabilization procedures

  5. Labrum repairs (SLAP or other repair)

  6. Post manipulation rehabilitation


Our therapist will perform ongoing analysis of your condition, including range of motion, swelling, atrophy, weakness, stability and functional capacity to determine your rate of progress.


Education about your shoulder and how to continue to care for yourself with independent activities is the most important aspect of our therapy. You must know how to care for yourself!


We consider the severity of your injury, your age and other medical conditions when we consider your recovery progress.


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